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As RIAS Conservation Accredited Architects, our Conservation research and conceptual analysis enables a thorough background and understanding of key issues to be gathered at the start of every project. We treat every project as unique, each have different issues, requirements and challenges.

Hypostyle have been, and continue to be involved in numerous projects that hold significant Architectural and Historical merit. As a consequence our staff are experienced and conversant in dealing with Planning, Listed Building Departments, the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust and Historic Scotland, and fully understand the various requirements and procedures to ensure historically significant property is respected and any works carried out are best practice and to the correct specification and standard.

Working with existing buildings can be quite different to new build projects, and involves significant understanding and compassion to both the building itself and the owner/occupier.

If you are unsure of the condition of your property Hypostyle are able to prepare a Building Maintenance Report, which will assess all elements of the building and provide recommendations for any necessary remedial works. It is important to maintain your property to prevent masonry/material falls, to reduce any legal implications for not looking after your building, to maintain the fabric/architectural features and historical/aesthetic significance, to prevent water ingress and to prevent escalating repair costs and thus large unexpected bills at a later date.  

Shandwick Place, Stone Repairs, EdinburghShandwick Place, Stone Repairs, EdinburghShandwick Place, Stone Repairs, Edinburgh

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