Hypostyle Architects Glasgow Edinburgh

Shandwick Place, Stone Repairs

This project is part of Hypostyle’s term contract with City of Edinburgh Council for private property repairs throughout the city.  

The project involved extensive stonework repairs and other general repairs to the front block of a fascinating Grade ‘C’ listed building. The stonework to the facade had deteriorated beyond repair in many areas. The job also required taking down both bay window towers and rebuilding, and the replacement of the dentals to the top cornice and a significant amount of the carvings below. What made this project unusual is the intricate stone detailing which was replaced/repaired to match the original design. Huge intricate pieces of stone were indented and a large amount of the stone carving has been done on site.

Project value:
£1.5 million

Shandwick Place, Stone Repairs, EdinburghShandwick Place, Stone Repairs, EdinburghShandwick Place, Stone Repairs, Edinburgh