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Royal College Laboratory

In 1991, the University of Strathclyde commissioned Hypostyle to carry out small refurbishment projects within the client's main listed Victorian building. In 2000, the University awarded Hypostyle a much bigger contract (in five phases) for a significant proportion of this huge building. The upgrades include the creation of new laboratory spaces for both teaching and research, along with supporting offices and administration spaces. The project also involved a resolution of the fabric of an existing building.

Computer-generated images were used to illustrate and explain the proposals for the University's chemistry teaching laboratory to both students and lecture staff. The design of the new lab utilises existing roof lights with king-post roof structure to illuminate the teaching areas through carefully arranged engineering service systems.

Project Value:
£3.8 Million

Client Contact
Graham Roddick, Estate Management , 181 St. James Rd, G4 0NT

Royal College LaboratoryRoyal College LaboratoryRoyal College Laboratory