Hypostyle Architects


Right. We're specialists. But we don't specialise. It may seem like we're quibbling over semantics but there is a difference. At Hypostyle, we have an in-depth knowledge of every discipline we work in - but we look to transfer this knowledge across boundaries, enabling us to find solutions that others couldn't.

Hypostyle's projects range in scale from one-off house designs through major new housing developments to commercial offices, industrial units and public buildings. We understand that each project has its own unique characteristics. We also understand that we might not have all the answers. That's why we collaborate with other professionals, such as engineers and planners.

Hypostyle socially responsible, sustainable design solutions are delivered with innovation, creativity and commitment. Located in Glasgow and across Scotland, the projects you see here provide an introduction to the breadth of our work - and offer an insight into the collaborations between our specialist areas. We invite you to find out more.