Hypostyle Architects

About Us

Put simply

Hypostyle is a UK practice that works across architectural disciplines. Formed in 1985, the firm has almost fifty staff working from offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Our experience encompasses the following sectors: residential; masterplanning; health; education; public; commercial; interiors; and industrial. Working in both the private and public sectors, we have long experience of delivering high value projects on time and to budget.

Put Rightly

We never put pen to paper (or mouse to mousepad) until we have considered the brief from every angle. This can include everything from the site and its topography to the heritage of the location and the effect the new project will have on its neighbours. Of course, we never forget the two most important parties in all of this: the client and the people who will be using the building.

Although we work in a number of key disciplines, we're not a specialised, narrow-focused firm. We bring the experience of our whole team to bear on our projects. And with a team that crosses age, gender, ethnic and social barriers, it's a team with diverse influences and far-reaching vision.